Galeria Simeza, Bukarest/RO

1.Station Bukarest-Rumänien

Statement of Marilena Preda Sanc Ph. D., Docent – National University of Arts, Bucharest
About the touring exhibiton WALKABOUT from Linda Maria Schwarz,
Gallery SIMEZA, Bukarest, 5. – 16. 3. 2009

Linda Maria Schwarz art work exhibited in Simeza Gallery from Bucharest consists in paintings, sketsches, objects/sculptures focused on differnt layers of reality.
The artist catch fragments of reality – common gestures, shoots of daily diary, holiday landscapes – and transcode it in her image.
She organized her art work as an intermedia installation.
The visual discours is coherent and deep immersed in an ecomind way of depicted the human beeing existance.
Linda Maria Schwarz invites the visitor to jump in her pictures to discover a normal and poetical world.